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Ajay Jain

Author, Photographer, Journalist, Traveller

Ajay is the owner of Kunzum Cafe, located at the picturesque HauzKhas Village, in Delhi. After graduating from the Delhi College of Engineering (1992), he tried his hand at several things—he worked in the hardware industry, a software management firm, a media organisation and as a professional blogger. His educational qualifications are as varied—he has an MBA degree, and another in journalism from Cardiff University, UK.

In 2004, he quit his job in print media and started with professional blogging and freelancing for a variety of Websites. The freelance assignments ensured that he got a lot of time to travel, click photographs, and pen travelogues, which meant more income streams.

In 2007, Ajay started Kunzum.com, a travel Website, named after a pass in the Lahaul-Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Besides his Web ventures, he kept honing his skills in photography. In early 2008, a series of his photographs was exhibited at the India Habitat Centre and received appreciation. This got Ajay thinking about the need for a permanent place to showcase his photographs and build a more complete brand that catered to all aspects of travelling.So, in October 2009, Kunzum Café was born.


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