4th-5th Oct. 2013, Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi

message from TiEcon chairman

Dear Friends,
I am delighted to welcome you to TiECon 2013. To paraphrase Thomas Edison, Entrepreneurship is 1% idea or innovation and 99% execution or action. This year at TiECon we aim to prepare you for both.

We bring to you business leaders sharing their vision of the future in the CK Prahlad Memorial session, followed by a workshop to help you make innovation into a systematic process, a science, in addition to an art. Moreover, we prepare you to translate that into action and create customer delight, jobs, and wealth.

Greater part of the conference is focussed on equipping you to execute, as we go in-depth into helping you turn your ideas into reality. You will hear from successful entrepreneurs and professionals, visionaries and master executors, who have made a mark in diverse disciplines ranging from films to education, technology to food, sports to healthcare. The panellists will share secrets of their success and their battle-scars, their knowledge and experience, even stories of how their families coped with the struggles of entrepreneurship. To round it off, TiE Institute will offer you in-depth, practical functional knowledge in functions ranging from branding to sales to fundraising, delivered by practitioners and entrepreneurs; knowledge which you can apply to your venture starting today.

TiECon has always been a great place to build your network. This year, we have expanded and structured networking opportunities. Whether you are looking for an investor, an advisor, co-founder, an expert in a specific field, or just meet interesting people, we have plenty of structured opportunities for you.

I am sure you will find the sessions and corridor conversations educational, inspiring, and thoroughly enjoyable. The TiECon committee and TiE Secretariat team have put a lot of passionate thought and hard work into preparing every little detail of the sessions. Please join me in thanking them – you will see several of them moderating, coordinating and agonizing even during the conference, and you will feel their energy permeating throughout the event.

Thank you all for participating, and I hope that several of you will go on to build ventures that make the TiE Community proud!

Subinder Khurana
TiEcon Organizing Committee

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