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Finding A (CTO) Founder – Powered By Headstart

They say your co-founder is like your spouse – you spend much of the day with each other, share all your secrets and stay together through the ups and downs of a startup. This one decision is so important that if you have found the right person, you’d feel blessed. But, if you are stuck with an incompatible co-founder, the future of your startup is bleak.

Entrepreneurs typically tap only their personal networks – colleagues, classmates, friends and relatives – in search of a co-founder. However the skills required to build a startup may not be available within your network. It is here that TiE Delhi is looking to intervene and bring to you a curated set of people from the entire Delhi-NCR ecosystem who you’d love to build a startup with.

The finding founder session at TiEcon Delhi, powered by Headstart Network, will give you access to one of the largest groups of entrepreneurs ever assembled looking to join hands to startup. Headstart, with its experience of running India’s largest co-founder program, is curating the participants for this session and providing the community outreach.

If you are a technical person passionate about building products, please head over to this form to make an application. If you are selected to participate, you get to meet some high-potential entrepreneurs in the exclusive Founder Finder session AND a chance to participate in the rest of the Day 2 at TiEcon Delhi at a highly subsidized price of Rs 2,000 (non-member fee for Day 2 is Rs 6,000).

Finding a (CTO) Founder – Powered by