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>Sunil Shekhawat (Dr.)

About The Speaker


Sunil Shekhawat (Dr.)

Co founder & CEO

Dr. Shekhawat has been a part of India’s thriving tech startup scene for more than a decade. In 2019, was given the charge of NASSCOM’s software product charter. He was one of the founding members of NASSCOM’s Global Venture Capital programme, which included VC firms from the EU, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. In past, Sunil have been part of important state and national boards and committees in drafting policy environment for the country’s startup and product ecosystem. Early in his career, he worked for the government of West Bengal as a house surgeon. In 2013, Sunil decided to start his own healthcare-related business, a SaaS tool which was used by hospitals and clinics of all sizes for managing their patient practise and stock inventory with low investments.


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