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>Rashi Narang

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Rashi Narang

Rashi Narang

Group CFO

In 2006, Sara a beautiful Labrador puppy came into my life and complete changed it's course as animals often do! In my quest to find my newest family member the very best, I looked across pet stores in India but was very disappointed by what I found. That's when I decided to start making products for her, and realised that there must be other pet parents like myself who want the best for their pets. And that's how Heads Up For Tails was born. Our core belief is that pet's are family and family deserves the best. We built product by product trying to solve problems that had previously gone unnoticed to better the lives of pets and their families. Today, Heads Up For Tails is a leader in the pet space in India with over 75 stores nationwide and a strong online presence via www.headsupfortails.com. Our goal is to not only to stay a leading brand in the industry but more importantly become knowledge sharing partners for responsible and joyful pet parenting. Through the company, we have also been able to fulfil another long-standing dream – to help animals in need via the Heads Up For Tails foundation which does some incredible work that we are truly proud of.